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Original Pre 1998 Quicktime 3.0 Marathon Soundtrack Available

Download here

Thanks to the hard work of Hamish Sinclair over at, the original Marathon soundtrack is now available for download. You can find it at his website, or hosted on the downloads page on my website. In either case, this is something I have been wanting for a long time! Since the original soundtrack used Apple’s MIDI instrument set, when the MIDI instrument set changed due to a QuickTime update in 1998 so did the Marathon soundtrack for anyone who played it after the update. In fact, if you hadn’t already exported the music (and who would have?) before you updated your Quicktime installation, it was very difficult to hear the music the way it was intended ever again. Until now! Several versions of the files are available for download, and for the curious, I have left the post-Quicktime 3.0 update files up on my website in case anyone wants to compare.


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I have a PhD in Planetary Science and am working on integrating science into video games as well as finding new musical projects.

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