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Released! Freedom

You can listen at or download by clicking here.

Freedom… boy, this one was difficult. I went through at least 2 complete overhauls before landing on this version. I hate to say it, but the original version of Freedom was never one of my favorites and that was never more clear to me than during the process of creating the remake. The issue really stems from the sequence of notes that comprise the main theme. It’s too chromatic for me to get into, so I eliminated a few notes to give it a bit more of a groove. I relied heavily on beats and drums as well, and had to rely on my old stand-by, circuit dialog. In the end, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I hope that you will find it very much in the spirit of the original song but with a similar flavor to the rest of my soundtrack remakes.

And with that… I’m on to Fat Man, my last remake, which will complete the soundtrack. I’m very excited.



About Craig

I have a PhD in Planetary Science and am working on integrating science into video games as well as finding new musical projects.

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