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That’s All She Wrote, Fat Man!

It’s done! 7 years! It feels good, and I’m even more happy to still be proud of the results. Fat Man is now available to download from my website.

Fat Man was one of my favorite tracks from the original game and there honestly wasn’t much I wanted to change other than updating some instruments. Because of that, I decided to change the main chord progression to match my favorite song from the soundtrack, Swirls, as well as add a few lines from Leela. I thought it would be fitting to end the soundtrack the way I started, since Swirls and Leela were the first songs I remade. I took a pretty creative license with the Fat Man solo at the end of the song. Alex Seropian did a really awesome job with the solo and when I tried to reproduce it I realized it was better to leave his version alone and try to experiment a bit with the theme he created. Fat Man is quick, both in tempo and in overall length, so the song builds really fast and then ends even more abruptly. It’s just a fun song and it was a great way to end the soundtrack.

If all goes well, this wont be the last you’ll be hearing from me regarding the remakes. More news soon, hopefully.



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I have a PhD in Planetary Science and am working on integrating science into video games as well as finding new musical projects.

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