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QuickTime 2.0 Music Updated

Thanks to continued diligence on the Marathon Story Forum, we now have finalized versions of the QuickTime 2.0 soundtrack, with increased volumes and album art. I’ve included two versions, one of .m4a files for iTunes and a .mp3 version that is ready for AlephOne (with appropriate track titles).

You can grab them both at


About Craig

I have a PhD in Planetary Science and am working on integrating science into video games as well as finding new musical projects.

2 responses to “QuickTime 2.0 Music Updated

  1. assassingao ⋅

    I thought I’d drop by and say this, but your M4A links in Marathon Music for download is broken.

    Well, it’s not actually broken. You just missed a ‘d’ there.

    Sorry for posting here, but I do not know how to contact you by E-mail.

  2. Craig

    Thanks for letting me know! It is now fixed.

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