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Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together

So working on Mars time keeps me busy and I don’t have as much time to make music as I’d like to.  And when I do sit down to work on something I just don’t have the time to make it perfect so I thought I’d try an experiment!  Here are two rough songs that I’ve been working on for not nearly enough time.  If anyone out there is interested in making them really sing, I’m also linking to the Garageband source files so you can go to town and spice them up or completely change them.  My only request is that you please please please send me whatever you come up with because I’d love to hear it!!!

Curiosity.mp3 // Curiosity – Garageband Source

TheBorderlands.mp3 // TheBorderlands – Garageband Source


About Craig

I have a PhD in Planetary Science and am working on integrating science into video games as well as finding new musical projects.

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