I hope you like my remakes of the original Marathon One soundtrack. Check back here for more songs. The original video game Marathon (released 1994), is my favorite game of all time and I feel that these remakes are a good way for me to express my vision of one of the best aspects of the game, the music. Bungie created a rather non-straightforward piece of art that you can look at over and over again and see something different every time. The Marathon songs, I believe, had a lot more to say than they originally were able to. My goal with the remakes was to attempt to bring them to life, as I hear them… and as I believe Bungie would have if they were to have made them today (they would do a better job than I am though).

I think it’s important to note that I am not attempting to reinvent or totally restructure the original Marathon soundtrack. Some of the originals sound rough or hollow and I’m attempting to smooth the edges and fill in all the gaps, only adding my own touch when I feel it improves the overall feel of the song.

These remakes are my acknowledgement of the awesomeness that is Marathon, and my sincere thank you to the creators.


If you are still interested in learning more, here is a bunch more…

I graduated from Georgia Tech [Atlanta, GA] in May of 2004 with a bachelors degree in Physics and received my Phd in Geology from the University of Tennessee [Knoxville, TN] in December of 2010. You can read some of my publications and abstracts here, and get a general idea of my research interests. I am currently a postdoc at Stony Brook University in the Department of Geosciences.

My music experience commensed when I began taking piano lessons at a very young age… and I absolutely hated it, but as any obedient child, I pressed onward with much anger. Then, after 8 long years of lessons, I finally started enjoying music. I joined my elementary school band and learned to play the trumpet during that time as well. I stuck with piano lessons for another year, and when I quit I replaced those lessons with the marching band. Around that time I began experimenting with guitar. I bought myself a book and with a friend’s help, I learned some basic chords. I started writing songs shortly afterwards, but I really am only fond of a couple of them. My foray into digital music began a couple years ago, when my roommate let me borrow his MIDI keyboard and showed me how to use some sequencer programs. I never flourished in the digital arena until recently, when I purchased Apple’s Garageband. This program was everything I was looking for in terms of ease of use. Garageband is a wonderful tool for laying out songs, adding effects, and many other production aspects of song writing, especially for a non-music professional like myself.

You also have another website, eigenhat.com, which houses my web-comic. Its about a semi-aristocratic penguin who finds himself on top of a mountain. Check it out if you’d like, and feel free to browse the archive.

If you have any questions about my work on the Marathon remakes, my website, me or anything else feel free to email at c r a i g @ themarathonmusic.com


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